Community Connections

Our church is very active when it comes to helping others and sharing God's love with them. We have children's programs, regular community feeding events,  two weekly prayer meetings, our Saturday morning services, and so much more!

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Media Connections

We offer a lot of different ways to connect with us digitally. From live streamed worship services, to podcasts (coming soon), to e-newsletters, to social media, and more, you'll find plenty of ways to engage and grow.

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Latest News

There are many interesting things happening at our church!

Oh January 20, 2024, we welcomed Se'epo Falevalu to our church family when she was baptized with her sister, brother-in-law, children, nieces and nephews in attendance.  Se-epo is no stranger to the Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church participating in many church activities, like the Annual Church Family Retreat the weekend before her baptism.  Welcome, welcome!

Se-epo with sisters and her sisters--in-Christ


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Church family members and friends enjoyed a blessed weekend (Jan. 12-14, 2024) at the Leoni Meadows Retreat Center for our Annual Church Family Retreat,  lead by our own Pastor Tyler Kraft.

Our group (top photo) included young and old.  Bottom photo: Some of our women (plus Steve) enjoying each other's company!


We had worship for adults and kids with many musicians both adults and kids!


We had lots of time for fellowship!


Saturday game night was fun, fun, fun!


We enjoyed the outdoors in the snow both in the rain and sunshine!


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In December we welcomed Malakai Rarawa as an official member of our church with his baptism.  He is already active in our church, recently signing on as a church greeter with his smile and warm welcome.  We welcome you, Malakai!  December also brought our annual Christmas Celebration Potluck.  Delicious food and fun was had by all!







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November brought the baptism of Samson Prasad (who professes his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and officially joins our Hayward church family), a yummy pansit and lumpia fundraiser for Bayside School, and Pastor Tyler's birthday (celebrated during our worship service with a surprise slide show and at our Thanksgiving potluck).


Samson Prasad is baptized.  Praise the Lord and Welcome!


A yummy pansit and lumpia fundraiser.


Pastor Tyler's birthday and a Thanksgiving potluck


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